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Baby Runs with a Fast Crowd

Sarah Bowen Shea of The New York Times discusses the biomechanical implications of running with baby strollers. The article offers various perspectives on how to train with baby in a manner that is safe for you, for the little one, and for the runners around you.

A Little Bit More Sleep, A Lot More Recovery

What do you get when you cross a Ninetendo Wii and a Garmin?

Apparently, a better night’s sleep.


Meet Fitbit, the latest in health and wellness technology. This diminutive device packs a big data punch for those of us who love to crunch numbers. Moreover, it brings to the forefront one of the most essential components of getting fit – recovery.

Fitbit, whose website launches tomorrow, tracks your fitness through a similar motion-sensing technology to that made famous by the Nintendo Wii and seamlessly uploads that data onto your personal web-based account through wireless technology. Just clip it on your clothing or the Fitbit wristband and you can instantly track calories, distanced traveled, and even sleep quality.

Sleep is an essential component of staying healthy and active. It is the body’s and mind’s opportunity to recover from all the activities of your day. While you sleep, your body’s pit crew makes much needed repairs through the secretion of HGH (yes, the notorious Human Growth Hormones) and metabolizes energy stores. Disrupting these natural processes will make you groggy, lethargic, disoriented, and susceptible to injury.

Track Your Running Shoes

Most of us know that all running shoes eventually lose their spunk and have to be put out to pasture. Somewhere beyond the 300-mile mark, our shoes lose their ability to provide proper support and will make even the youngest and most resilient of us prone to the aches and pains of overuse injuries. Figuring out when its time to replace your running shoes is a craft among avid runners – 1 part science and 10 parts art.

Signs as Crazy as a Marathoner

Here’s a sampling of some awesome photos that capture the best and worst of marathon supporter signage from our friends at My Fitness Depot. What crazy marathon signs have you seen? Leave a comment or, better yet, send a photo to and we will feature them in a future posting.