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That’s Snow Fun!



The Weather Channel is reporting that 50 million people are in the path of one heckuva winter storm.  Indeed, there is a Nor’easter a brewin’ and residents of states from New Jersey to Massachusetts are soon to find themselves under a heavy blanket of snow.

With bountiful snows come bountiful opportunities to burn calories while having a blast.  For those of us not accustomed to living in a veritable winter wonderland, seeing the huge piles of fluffy white snow can make even shoveling seem appealing.

That being said shoveling is probably the least fun way to be active this weekend.  Sledding, snow angels, and snowman building are among the wonderful array of snowstorm activities that one can undertake.

However, if you really want to do a snow day justice, get together your friends and family, build some forts, and start an old school snowball fight.  Between the dashing, ducking,  and chucking you are sure to get a ton of much needed holiday exercise and have a great time doing it.  Plus, whether your 9 or 79, nothing beats a well-placed snowball for a winter giggle.

As serious suppliers of expert advice on all things active, we are posting a video that shows off the finest snowball fighting technique south of the Arctic Circle.  With a little guidance, you might just be able to wing one like Uncle Mike.

May you find happy exhaustion among the snowflakes this weekend!

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