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Undiscovered Running Surfaces

Last week we published an article about the pros and cons of various running surfaces, which included helpful hints about where to find and how to navigate each type of terrain.

One of our readers promptly noted that the article reminded him of the opening scene of Casino Royale, in which Sebastien Foucan displays Parkour stylings that are simply beyond compare.

For those who have yet to learn of this growing craze, Parkour and Free Running are the art and sport of moving from point A to point B in the most efficient and stylistically impressive manner possible.  In this literally mad dash across urban landscapes, Parkour runners use walls, buildings, lampposts, ladders, and garbage cans to propel themselves to…well, we’re not exactly sure where they go.

After watching many a Parkour video, we realized that although we did include trail running and aqua jogging in the article, we apparently left some key running surfaces off the list.  For this, we offer our sincerest apologies.

As to not short our community on their education about running surfaces, for this week’s motivational video, we have included the video that inspired it all.  Watch carefully for a brief tutorial into chain link fence hopping, sand dumping passage, crane training, and concrete table vaulting techniques.

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