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Moji Break: You Know You’re a Chicago Runner If

Friday, October 2nd, 2009  •  6 Comments  •  Moji Break  •  Uncategorized

Some things are just so second city that only a Chicago local would appreciate them.  In celebration of the Chicago Marathon next weekend (10/11), we salute our Windy City warriors.  A big thanks to all of Moji’s Facebook and Twitter friends as well as the folks at Chicago Athlete that helped contribute to the list of 25.


You Know You’re a Chicago Runner If…

1. When you hear “Oak Street Beach” phrases like “mile marker” and “turnaround” come to mind

2. You’ve had a “recovery dog”

3. You’re shoes are either sprinkled with sand or snow

4. You live for the first beautiful spring run until you remember that 80% of the city runs that day (95% of which will be enjoying their first and last run of the year)

5. Each out-and-back run included two stages:

(Stage 1)  You question your training, your self-worth, and your sanity (aka running against the wind)
(Stage 2)  You contemplate training for an ultra, winning your age group, quitting your day job and going pro (aka running with the wind)

6.  You’ve seen the smiley face guy on the path (Hooray for HiGuy!)

7.  The largest hill you’ll climb all day is actually a speed bump (courtesy of our friends at Chicago Athlete)

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