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Moji Motivation: Forty Years Thanks to Fred

Friday, October 30th, 2009  •  1 Comment  •  Moji Motivation  •  Uncategorized

The New York City Marathon will celebrate its 40th running this Sunday, November 1st when tens of thousands of runners from across the globe will enjoy the sights, sounds, and outrageous crowds of the city’s five boroughs.

What many of these athletes won’t know is that this unparalleled look at New York is thanks in large part to Fred Lebow, the avid runner and Romanian immigrant that founded the New York City marathon in 1970.  In honor of the U.S. bicentennial, Lebow had the guts to take the 1976 marathon from Central Park to the streets of New York City.  The inaugural street-course ran through all five boroughs at a time when many of these neighborhoods were unimaginably dangerous.  When the starting gun went off that fall morning, skeptics swore that some might not come back alive.

Yet, 26.2 miles later, Lebow and his fellow runners had united a city and ignited the distance running craze.

Filmmaker Judd Ehrlich captured Fred Lebow’s incredible life, which is in large part the history of the New York City Marathon in Run for Your Life.  The movie, which premiered last year, depicts the determination of a slow but dedicated runner who fell in love with the sport and decided to share that passion with the world.

Good luck to all of those runners who will become a part of Fred Lebow’s legacy this Sunday.  May each of you find his inspiration and love of both the city and the sport on the streets of New York.

Moji Break: 50 Songs for the New York City Marathon

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009  •  1 Comment  •  Moji Break  •  Uncategorized

The ING New York City Marathon is less than 2 weeks away and we at Moji want to help set the mood for the thousands of NYC runners and ten thousand local volunteers who are preparing for the 40th running of this incredible event.   So, we have racked our brains and scoured the internet for the greatest NYC songs of all time.  Though there are undoubtedly more Big Apple tunes than we’ve compiled, these represent 50 of the very best.

Photo couretsy of alanator on Flickr

Photo couretsy of alanator on Flickr

The blend of slower beats and blood-pumping rhythms should provide you with ample tunes to carry you all the way from taper to the finish line.   The playlist starts below but click through to see all 50 songs and enjoy what the city that doesn’t sleep has inspired.  If after all that, you can get enough, check out more race day music on Moji’s Ultimate Marathon Playlist.

Moji Motivation: Staying Active Year After Year, A Story of Marathon Streakers

Monday, October 19th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Motivation
Photo courtesy of Unlisted Sightings

Photo courtesy of Unlisted Sightings

For those of us still getting back to full gait after the Chicago Marathon two weekends ago, it is hard to imagine running another Windy City 26.2…let alone 31 more.  Yet, there is a group of men who did just that.  In this inspiring article about the Chicago Alumni Runners, Anne Stein captures how these dedicated athletes manage to consistently cross the finish line despite life, injury, and the occasional stray goose getting in the way.

Read this amazing tale and what keeps this group striving for 33 next year.

Moji Cents: The Heated Debate about Cooling Down

Friday, October 16th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Cents

At Moji, we love a good sports medicine debate.  Actually, we love any debate.  However, in addition to the customary water-cooler deliberations about last night’s game or the merits of certain Project Runway designers, we contemplate (okay, loudly dispute) the veracity of every great debate in sports from stretching to what headphones have done to running.

On Wednesday, another juicy debate arose from Gina Kolata’s New York Times article, which calls into question the purported benefits of cooling down.  At first, we thought that our great interest in “sharing our opinions” on this topic, which are part science, part anecdotal evidence (what athlete doesn’t like to share a good war story?) was simply a Moji-specific obsession.  However, from the bevy of impassioned comments on Kolata’s article, it is clear that we aren’t the only ones who find cooling down to be a hot topic.

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

On The Times’ website, many experts have commented on the article to refute the evidence presented.  Sean Lee, a lifelong trainer and Moji’s resident fitness expert, recently wrote a great article on the benefits of cooling down from a scientific perspective.  In the article, Sean also disagrees with Kolata and states that even a short cool down can:

Read More »

Moji Break: You Know You’re a DC Runner If

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Break

In honor of those competing in the Marine Corps Marathon on the 25th, here are the top 25 ways that you know you log your miles in the nation’s capital.

Good luck on Marathon Sunday and treat yourself to a nice Jumbo Slice in Adams Morgan after the race.

318170220_05b2bcc745_b_Jeff Kubina_sharealike_Wall of stars World War II Memorial

You Know You’re a DC Runner If…

1.  You’ve had to change your running route because of a motorcade.
2.  You have made tourist-dodging on the Tidal Basin for the six days each year the cherry blossoms are in bloom.
3.  Your idea of a hill is the slope up towards the Washington monument.
4.  You’ve had to share the towpath with beavers, blue heron, snakes, and dogs.
5.  You’ve bought shoes from the mayor’s parents at their Fleet Feet store.
6. You’ve been beaten in a race by a member of every branch of the Armed Forces
7.  You set your Outlook to remind you when the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler opens for registration.
8.  You miss The Awakening.
9.  You race the donkeys pulling their barges up the canal.
10.  Gravelly Point’s more than a romantic destination.
11.  You know that the Capital Crescent Trail on the weekend is like the beltway at rush hour.
12.  Your Lawyers Have Heart.
13.  You can spot a lobbyist 100 ft. away by the blue glow of their earpieces.
14.  You’ve drafted off a Segway.
15.  You’ve experienced path-rage on the Capital Crescent Trail.
Read More »

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