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Moji Cents: The Heated Debate about Cooling Down

Friday, October 16th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Cents

At Moji, we love a good sports medicine debate.  Actually, we love any debate.  However, in addition to the customary water-cooler deliberations about last night’s game or the merits of certain Project Runway designers, we contemplate (okay, loudly dispute) the veracity of every great debate in sports from stretching to what headphones have done to running.

On Wednesday, another juicy debate arose from Gina Kolata’s New York Times article, which calls into question the purported benefits of cooling down.  At first, we thought that our great interest in “sharing our opinions” on this topic, which are part science, part anecdotal evidence (what athlete doesn’t like to share a good war story?) was simply a Moji-specific obsession.  However, from the bevy of impassioned comments on Kolata’s article, it is clear that we aren’t the only ones who find cooling down to be a hot topic.

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

Photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

On The Times’ website, many experts have commented on the article to refute the evidence presented.  Sean Lee, a lifelong trainer and Moji’s resident fitness expert, recently wrote a great article on the benefits of cooling down from a scientific perspective.  In the article, Sean also disagrees with Kolata and states that even a short cool down can:

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Moji Motivation: Courage for Chicago

Thursday, October 8th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Motivation

With this weekend’s Chicago marathon and Kona Ironman upon us, we were inspired to post this legendary Nike commercial.   In this short film, Nike is, as always, brilliant and The Killers are, well, just that.

The video, entitled “Courage”, powerfully depicts the strength and determination required for great athletic achievement.  It also shows that this achievement comes at a price – hard work, sweat, and sometimes failure.  Great athletes must have the willingness to push beyond physical limitations and the mental fortitude to truly believe in the impossible.

Whether this marathon/triathlon is your first or your fiftieth, whether you are looking to finish, qualify, or PR, there is an achievement to be had and you too must be willing and strong.  As the video states, you have what you need to get there inside. The question is:

Do you have the courage to dig deep and set it free?

Moji Tips: A Little Bit More Sleep, A Lot More Recovery

Monday, September 28th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Tips and Tricks

What do you get when you cross a Nintendo Wii and a Garmin?

Apparently, a better night’s sleep.


Meet Fitbit, the latest in health and wellness technology.  This diminutive device packs a big data punch for those of us who love to crunch numbers.  Moreover, it brings to the forefront one of the most essential components of getting fit – recovery.

Fitbit, whose website launches tomorrow, tracks your fitness through a similar motion-sensing technology to that made famous by the Nintendo Wii and seamlessly uploads that data onto your personal web-based account through wireless technology.  Just clip it on your clothing or the Fitbit wristband and you can instantly track calories, distanced traveled, and even sleep quality.

fit bit

Yes, that’s right.  Strap on this little sidekick overnight and Fitbit will give you stats on how well you slept – when you went to bed, when you actually fell asleep, how frequently you woke up at night, and how long you were down for the count.

Since we are into science and technology here at Moji, we would probably be so excited about our nightly results that we would hardly be able to sleep.  However, like Fitbit, we understand that every bit of fit counts – even those that aren’t instinctively seen as fitness activities.

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