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Moji Tips: A Little Bit More Sleep, A Lot More Recovery

Monday, September 28th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Tips and Tricks

What do you get when you cross a Nintendo Wii and a Garmin?

Apparently, a better night’s sleep.


Meet Fitbit, the latest in health and wellness technology.  This diminutive device packs a big data punch for those of us who love to crunch numbers.  Moreover, it brings to the forefront one of the most essential components of getting fit – recovery.

Fitbit, whose website launches tomorrow, tracks your fitness through a similar motion-sensing technology to that made famous by the Nintendo Wii and seamlessly uploads that data onto your personal web-based account through wireless technology.  Just clip it on your clothing or the Fitbit wristband and you can instantly track calories, distanced traveled, and even sleep quality.

fit bit

Yes, that’s right.  Strap on this little sidekick overnight and Fitbit will give you stats on how well you slept – when you went to bed, when you actually fell asleep, how frequently you woke up at night, and how long you were down for the count.

Since we are into science and technology here at Moji, we would probably be so excited about our nightly results that we would hardly be able to sleep.  However, like Fitbit, we understand that every bit of fit counts – even those that aren’t instinctively seen as fitness activities.

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Moji Motivation: “When the Race is On, All Bets Are Off”

Thursday, September 24th, 2009  •  No Comments  •  Moji Motivation

Whether they are racing the Las Vegas Triathlon, Augusta Ironman, Lake Tahoe Marathon…or just love getting really pumped for a weekend of football, this is sure to bring a smile to any sports enthusiast’s face.

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