Cold Therapy

Discover the Benefits of Icing for Athletes

What are the benefits of icing/cold compression therapy?
Ice therapy is one of the simplest, safest, and most effective self-care techniques for injury, pain, or discomfort in muscles and joints. Cold therapy decreases swelling and inflammation, speeds recovery time, and provides pain relief for acute injuries (those occurring within 48 hours). For additional information about when to use heat and when to use ice, please visit the Moji educational article, Heat vs. Ice on our website.

Is icing safe for everyone?
Ice therapy is one of the most widely used treatments for pain and injuries and is very safe when used within the recommended treatment time and temperature range. Moji engineers products that maintain an optimal cooling level to ensure that your icing treatment is safe and effective. However, individuals with temperature sensitivities and other known circulatory issues should consult their physician and read the warning labels before using Moji products.

For how long should I ice?
Sports medicine doctors and physical therapists recommend that patients ice for up to 20 minutes, and the Moji Cold Cell is designed to maintain its optimal cooling profile for 20 minutes of use. Moji recommends following a "20-minutes on/one-hour off" protocol with Moji products.

Is it important to use Moji cold therapy products even if I haven't been injured?
Yes! Using Moji cold therapy products is critical for reducing inflammation post-exercise and allowing your body to recover to its pre-exercise condition. Exercise stresses joints in ways that are not always immediately noticeable. Using Moji cold therapy products on a regular basis serves as a healthy best practice for recovery that can prevent aches and pains from becoming bothersome.

How often should I use Moji?
If you have sustained an acute injury it is important to ice for up to 20 minutes several times a day. If you have a chronic injury or you are icing for prevention or recovery, then ice for up to 20 minutes at the completion of each exercise session. Remember to wait at least 1 hour between icing sessions.

Do you recommend different icing and recovery protocols for different ages?
Icing is helpful for reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain for people of all ages. The recommended 20-minute protocol applies equally to most age groups. However, parents should consult a physician before treating young children. Moji products should never be used on infants.

Is it important to use Moji cold therapy products immediately after exercising or can I use it later in the day?
While it is most beneficial to ice after a workout or activity, icing later in the day will also be effective.

Is there a danger in using Moji cold therapy products or other icing solutions too often?
Generally, there is no danger in icing if one follows the "20-minutes on/one-hour off" protocol. However, if the individual has any underlying medical conditions, he or she should consult a sports medicine physician.

Do I need to be immobilized while I ice?
No, immobilization is not necessary for routine icing; in fact, Moji products have been specially designed to allow you to ice on the go. However if an acute injury has occurred, the principle of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) should be utilized.

What is the difference between icing with Moji cold therapy products and taking anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil, Aspirin or Tylenol?
Icing is a natural way of applying cooling to an injury and reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain. While anti-inflammatory medication can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, icing does not require ingestion of medications. Studies have also shown the potential for adverse gastrointestinal and renal effects with the overuse of certain anti-inflammatory medications. Moji products are a natural and healthy solution.

Should I use Moji cold therapy products before I workout?
No, Moji cold therapy products should be used after exercise. Moji moist heat therapy products may be used before a workout or activity to warm up and prepare your muscles for movement.

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