The latest innovation in the world of self-massage, brought to you the makers of all things "feel better". Featuring Moji’s iconic, freely rotating, steel massage spheres, Moji 360 Foot Massager is a stationary foot massager, with different massage zone intensities to mimic the touch of a professional massage therapist on your sore and tired feet. 


Quick Facts

 • Relieves Plantar Fasciitis Pain
 • Revitalizes sore, tired & aching feet
 • Perfect for toe, heel & arch pain
 • Feels just like a trip to the masseuse
 • Stays put on all floor types
 • One size fits all, for both feet




Rotating Massage Spheres
Spheres rotate in 360 degrees to stretch and massage the entire foot as you roll your foot over the spheres, from the toes all the way down to the heel. Feels just like a professional foot massage. Without the awkwardness.





Relaxing Dual Zone Technology
Zone 1:
This zone provides an all-over, feel good massage. The specialized heel cup relieves pain specifically found in the heel and the outside spheres in Zone 1 are perfect for a fantastic inside or outside arch massage. Use the smaller spheres to relax toes.



Intense Dual Zone Technology
Zone 2:
This zone features two large massage spheres that will really dig in to those sore feet to release muscle buildup that can lead to painful plantar fasciitis. Get deep with this zone.

  Moji 360 Foot Massager in use!


Slip Resistant Base
Remains stable on any surface for a more intense, controlled and targeted massage. Keep it under your desk at work, by your bed for morning plantar fasciitis relief, by your gym bag, but definitely not by someone else's foot. They can get their own.






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